About CHC

Improving performance. Finding great people. Empowering leaders. That’s what we've been excelling at since 2003.

Passionate about strengthening organizations, Cobblestone Human Capital is proudly one of Canada’s highest value HR and recruitment solution providers. Whether you have five employees or 500, a full in-house HR team or no internal resource at all, we can help you to effectively manage change and become elite.

We’re great at what we do. But what makes us different from traditional HR and recruitment firms is that we consistently provide greater value and more rewarding investments by breaking down HR and recruitment process into their essential parts. We make sure our clients can get the help they really need by offering those components “a la carte” on an hourly basis while backing every recruitment process with solid HR expertise and vice versa. It’s that seamless integration that sets Cobblestone apart.

We were one of the first firms in Canada to offer hourly recruitment. Today, we’re one of the only ones who can expertly blend HR and recruitment best practices on demand.

Flexible solutions. Straight talk born of extensive expertise. Caps on mandates. Billing transparency. Searches completed at a fraction of traditional fees. Better results and lower risks for less cost. These are some of the benefits that Cobblestone clients experience every day. That’s what happens when you have a true partner whose interests mirror your own.