Executive Branding

If your organization’s strength is people, promote your strengths.

According to Forbes, executive branding was the number two B2B marketing trend of 2017: “traditional company branding and digital marketing efforts are no longer sufficient, especially in B2B environments. Executive branding is now considered a necessity.”

The reputation of your company’s leaders has a major impact on your organization’s brand. Each of them is somebody’s next boss. Or that boss’ boss. Maybe a potential strategic partner. Someone they might meet. Or a compelling reason to invest and entrust business. It’s only natural that others will want to know their credentials, strengths, what they’ve done, what they’re like and why they can be trusted.

In a time when almost everything is conveniently found online and duplicated exponentially, the absence of strong, professional leadership profiles is a red flag and a missed opportunity.

Executive branding opens your organization to the world by building up the profile of its key leaders. Like it or not, their collective expertise, experience and personality reflect those of your organization and its culture. Embrace that. Own it. Make those profiles elite, compelling and strategic. Capitalize on every chance to make a great first impression.

Our sister firm will help you to excel in that. Career Lion can build your organization’s brand by humanizing it and promoting connections to the leaders behind it. LinkedIn profiles. Executive bios. Leadership coaching. Strategic communications that build culture, engagement and business. Those are all in Career Lion’s wheelhouse.

Let’s talk about your brand. BE A LION.