Ultimate Value Recruiting

Can you believe that some employers still pay contingency recruiting fees? 

The recruiting business hasn’t evolved much in decades. Most organizations choose between paying 20% to 30% of annual salary for a contingency search or granting exclusivity to a firm that will demand up to 50% in advance of a retained search.

Ready to look behind the curtain? Here’s the problem with those traditional models. With no guarantee of payment, contingency firms collect as many similar client assignments as possible and prioritize those that can be filled with the least effort. That’s the business imperative. You don’t focus too much on any one individual client. You don’t have the time to develop clear understandings of the job. You don’t pursue passive, gainfully employed candidates even if they are high quality because it takes longer. It’s the recruiting equivalent of throwing more mud at the wall so some will stick. But it also increases the risk of a mismatch. Comparatively more rigorous and client focused, retained search costs more and you pay a hefty retainer up front with no guarantee of a hire.

We know because our recruiters used to work for traditional firms. And in this highly saturated market of over promising and under delivering, we recognized that there is a better way to recruit. We call it Ultimate Value Recruiting (UVR). Our clients call it smart.

Simply put, we break down the entire search and recruitment process into its component parts and let our clients pay only for what they need on an hourly basis with the confidence of knowing that every step is backed by extensive HR expertise. This flexibility gives you the option to significantly lower your cost-per-hire whether you outsource the entire search or just parts of it. Even while managing every process in a search, we have regularly delivered hires at a cost of only 8% of first year salary. And that is a HUGE savings compared to traditional offerings.

Our à la carte services include:

  • Developing job descriptions
  • Preparing job ads/postings
  • Job ad placement (paid & free boards)
  • Job ad translation
  • Resume sourcing, screening & forwarding
  • Interviewing
  • Candidate prioritization & submissions
  • Reference & background checking
  • Offer presentation & negotiation
  • Signing coordination
  • Post hire feedback interview
  • Coaching & assessment

How much can you really save by using Ultimate Value Recruiting for your search instead of paying traditional recruitment fees?

The following were actual results experienced by our clients:

Small Mandate
Number of positions filled: 1
Total salary placed: $110,000
Savings vs traditional fees $17,800 to $28,800
Total cost-per-hire 3.80%
Ultimate value Savings paid for as much as 25% of the new Director’s first year salary
Medium Mandate
Number of positions filled: 4
Total salary placed: $250,000
Savings vs traditional fees $24.300 to $49,280
Total cost-per-hire 10.30%
Ultimate value Savings paid for 50% to 100% of new Financial Analyst’s first year salary
Large Mandate
Number of positions filled: 34
Total salary placed: $2,200,000
Savings vs traditional fees $260,275 to $480,275
Total cost-per-hire 8.20%
Ultimate value Savings paid for first-year salaries of a minimum of three new Territory Managers